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ShoopSHIFT Culture Award Celebrates a Vibrant Culture at Mavidea

Submitted by: Mavidea Technology Group

Mavidea Technology Group was awarded the ShoopSHIFT Culture Award for their continual focus on company culture.

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November 12, 2013, 9:24 am (OFPR) — At a place where the CEO often raps over the intercom and appears in costume at company meetings, it's not surprising that having fun is part of a day's work at Mavidea.

But a happy work atmosphere is only a reflection of a deeper spirit of serving others that is part of the purpose statement at Mavidea. In a quest to more ultimately fulfill on this purpose, Mavidea CEO, Erik Barnlund, became involved in the Shoop/SHIFT program lead by Emilie Shoop, Creator and Leader of Shoop Training and Consulting. Awards were presented during the Lead Any Team workshop Shoop recently hosted in Bloomington.

Emilie works with business leaders "who are ready for that next level of success and realize how they work with people is key." The Shoop/SHIFT program supports corporate leaders in pursuing the 6 C's of strengthening organizational health. One of those 6 C's is culture.

When it came to selecting a company that best represents the achievement of a vital and service-oriented business culture, Shoop selected Mavidea. Barnlund noted, "Emilie has observed us for a few years now. To be recognized for the culture inside our company is the ultimate compliment. We put great emphasis on developing a culture where our employees have fun and truly enjoy serving our fellow team members, clients, families and community each day."

A recent survey of team members -- which the company calls, Mavideans -- supports the passion of the company's employees for the organization and their joy in serving Mavidea customers.

"It's a total team effort," Barnlund states. "Without alignment from everyone involved and being convicted by the same goals, our culture would not be possible."

According to Shoop, "Erik summed it up very well when he received his award. Be intentional. You have a culture of your organization whether you focus on it or not. However, if you are intentional on the culture you want to create, you will reap the rewards."

Barnlund invites other small and medium business leaders who are interested in building a company culture of service to contact him at Mavidea.

About Mavidea Technology Group

Mavidea Technology Group provides IT Management, Web Design, and Internet Marketing services to over 100 small businesses located in Illinois and throughout the United States. The company's focus is helping businesses achieve their goals through technology. For more information about Mavidea, please visit www.mavidea.com or go to www.facebook.com/mavidea.

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