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World's Tiniest Flashlight Multi-tool Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Submitted by: septem studio

The HUNT23 is a Titanium Mini Flashlight with Intelligently-Engineered and Versatile Pry Bar

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September 24, 2019, 6:43 am (OFPR) — In early 2019, the Kickstarter campaign for UK-based design company SEPTEM Studio hit an incredible 32x beyond its goal in support of their ingenious HUNT22 titanium micro UV-flashlight (£2,000 goal / £65,520 pledged). Waterproof, fireproof, crushproof and smaller than a house key, the tiny everyday carry (EDC) gadget was backed by more than 1,600 people. As they manufactured and shipped the HUNT22, getting feedback and suggestions from users, the people at SEPTEM Studio came to recognize they could make it even better... Now, they're launching a new Kickstarter for the HUNT23 — a similarly small flashlight, but this time the design includes a tiny pry bar on the end, which lends itself to dozens of daily multi-tool applications such as a screwdriver, a bottle opener, a box cutter, a scraper, a paint can opener... Oh, and this time, the HUNT23 is available either as a UV or a super-bright white light.

SEPTEM Studio has a solid track record of bringing product to market. Its first project was a pair of collapsible titanium chopsticks. The HUNT23 is their third Kickstarter of 2019, with units planned to ship in November (they make great holiday gifts!)

HUNT23 | The World's Tiniest Multi-Function Flashlight [http://kck.st/2AbNTZo]

"After using our flashlights for a while, the single function - while useful - seemed like a wasted opportunity for truly upgrading our everyday carry," said team leader of SEPTEM Studio. "We've always loved the idea of having a screwdriver or bottle opener with us, but the thought of attaching yet another item to our keyring was just too much. We landed on the more universal idea of a tiny pry bar, a multi-use addition on the back end of the flashlight that could drive screws, open bottles, open lids, cut boxes - basically, could open anything we needed in our daily lives."

HUNT23 provides a beautiful balance between minimalist style and maximum usability, in one tiny package. Just add it to a keychain, and it's always accessible, yet also so tiny that it's not taking up space. It's also a TSA-friendly alternative to pocketknives. The HUNT23 comes with a three-year warranty.

Pledges begin at £28 for one HUNT23, either UV or white light (Save £17 Off Retail Price of £45 [38% OFF]). For pledging £63, backers will receive three HUNT23 units, in their mix & match option of UV or white light. There are a number of different pledge packages available, backers are encouraged to visit : http://kck.st/2AbNTZo

HUNT23 Technical Details
· 100% Grade 5 Titanium Alloy
· High Quality Extremely Bright SMD LED/100 Lumens
· Built-in Resistor To Prevent Overheating
· Bulb Lifespan Expectancy 50,000 hours
· Uses 3 Common AG1/1.5V Button Cell Batteries
· Long Alkaline Battery Life - 40 Hours (Constant Use)

About SEPTEM Studio:
Specialist in technology for real life, SEPTEM Studio is on a mission to create gadgets to save us time, hassle and money. SEPTEM was established by a small London team who are passionate about bringing cool, sleek technology ideas to life, as well as striving to inspire others and foster an exploratory mindset. Their products include the world's first titanium collapsible chopsticks, the HUNT22 mini-UV titanium flashlight, and the HUNT23 mini-flashlight with pry bar.

PR Contact Info

PR Company: septem studio
PR Phone: 02032890008
PR Website: http://www.septemstudio.online

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Keywords: everyday carry, gadget, flashlight, cool stuff, gift, multi-function tool,
Company: septem studio
Web Site: http://kck.st/2AbNTZo


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