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Foamlinx LLC, a Manufacturer of Foam Cutting Machinery is Now Offering Foam Cutting Services

Submitted by: WeCutFoam

A Silicon Valley based company, designer, manufacturer and distributor of CNC cutting equipment is now offering foam cutting services due to the vast growing demand for machining and fabrication of foam.

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August 18, 2011, 4:49 pm (OFPR) — August 19, 2011 -- There is a vast growth in demand for foam cutting nowadays, especially for fabrication and machining. The demand for foam cutting and machining is essential in various types of industries, including props, sculptures and monuments, boats, kayaks and canoes, signs, displays, proto types, and architectural shapes, crown moldings for construction, packaging insulations and wings.

Foamlinx LLC, a designer, manufacturer and a seller of hot wire CNC foam cutters uses top of the line cutting equipment to offer a wide range of foam cutting services, at its subsidiary's facility at WeCutFoam. While there are numerous companies in the market offering those services, WeCutFoam guarantees competitive prices, excellent customer service and good listening skills to be able to understand exactly what the customers' needs are.

The most common machines the company uses differ in their dimensions and size, including their effective cutting on the X axis (horizontal) and the Y axis (vertical), their hot wire length, and other features such as cutting speed capabilities, how many blocks of foam can be cut in one single cut and the type of cuts made (tapered or not tapered). The small foam cutter, the FC2912 will cut wings, fuselages, logos and letters. The medium foam cutters, the FC3920 and the FC5539 will cut similar shapes to the FC2912, with the addition of crown moldings and trims used in the architectural industries while the large foam cutters, the FC448 and the FC848 are used mostly by construction contractors and large sign manufacturers.

Foamlinx hot wire machines cut EPS, XPS and EPP types of foam, while the laser cutters will cut acrylics and soft polyurethane foams. The projects can be few inches big and up to 20'x30' 3D shapes, including full scale cars, trucks and planes.

There are also various types of foam that can be used to produce cuts using our laser cutters and engravers:
Polyurethane - Mainly for packaging, insulation and gun cases
Polyethylene or EVA foam - For 3D shapes, packaging and tool trays
Polystyrene - For packaging, crown moldings, signs and props
Polycarbonate (also known as Plexiglas) - For cutting and engraving
MDF - For vacuum molding forms.

For projects requiring machining foam or fabrication of foam we use our custom made CNC routers or a combo of a CNC hot wire foam cutter with a router system. We machine full scale racing cars, 3D topographic maps (up to 10'x5'x20" on a single cut), props and art work, and we even create foam molds.

All of the machines are CNC, which means they are controlled by a computer and come with specialized cutting software.
In the process of cutting the foam the customer contacts by phone or by email to discuss his project. Then, a file with the shape drawing needs to be sent. For 2D shapes a DXF file is required, while for 3D shapes an STL file is needed, which allows to rotate the shape and see all the angles of it for better accuracy.

Once the right file is received, the data is entered into the computer which is connected to the foam cutter, including all the coordinated needed for cutting that specific shape. Upon finishing of cutting the shape needed, it is sanded to either a rough or a smooth finish, according to the customer's request. Large scale shapes are made in several pieces, then glued together to make the complete shape. The cut can also be coated with Polyethylene coating, Polyurea and paint it if needed. The end product is durable, long lasting.

PR Contact Info

PR Company: WeCutFoam
PR Phone: (408) 454-6163
PR Website: http://www.wecutfoam.com
1248 Birchwood drive
Sunnyvale, CA 94089

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Company: WeCutFoam
Web Site: http://www.wecutfoam.com


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