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More Claims Filed, Fiduciary Administrator Spotted Again and German Bailout Guarantee

Submitted by: SI Investment Group

More Claims Filed, Fiduciary Administrator Spotted Again and German Bailout Guarantee

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November 12, 2018, 10:51 am (OFPR) — The year was 2012. Fear gripped Europe. Financial liquidity had come to a screeching halt and there were runs on the banks. Cash was needed immediately. Desperate European leaders did what they had done for centuries. They contacted a trio of gatekeepers to the largest cash trove in the world. One of whom was the fiduciary administrator of a 2007 US$300B settlement agreement overseen by the Federal Republic of Germany. What happened next became only the second largest bailout in world history.

The fax machines at the Federal Republic of Germany, State of Hessen, Frankfurt-am-Main Court of Appeals have been so busy with the filing of claims it is taking up to two days to get a fax tone. We lost track of the total claims after they cracked US$34B in six days. These claims are related to the 2007 settlement agreement signed by Dr. Jurgen-Peter Graf and under the current judicial supervision of Dr. Roman Poseck.

Moving won't help the fiduciary administrator, the jurisdictionally disputed peninsula is too small to hide for long. Especially during the off season.

This move has him located;

1. In a nondescript house,
2. Surrounded by a forest of trees,
3.Southeast of a village that resembles any town rural in Minnesota.

It's amazing what street view and YouTube can find.

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